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After Studies



New Zealand offers post-study work visas to international students who have completed their studies in the country.
These post-study work visas allow graduates to gain valuable work experience and explore job opportunities in New Zealand and to become eligible to apply for a Residence Visa. Post Study Work Visa holders could apply for any job, for any employer, anywhere in New Zealand; or simply they choose to be self employed.
Upto 3 Years – All Masters and Phd graduates will be Eligible for a 3 years visa. Students who study Diploma / Graduate Certificate may be eligible for 1 to 2 years of open work visa.

Benefits of Post Study Work Visa


Gain Work Experience

Post-study work visas allow graduates to gain valuable international work experience in their field of study. This experience enhances their professional skills and makes them more competitive in the job market.


Transition to Permanent Residency

Post-study work visas can serve as a pathway to permanent residency. If graduates secure a job offer and meet certain eligibility criteria, they may be able to apply for residency visa, leading to long-term settlement in the country.


Networking Opportunities

Being part of the workforce enables graduates to build professional networks and establish connections that could lead to future career advancements.


Financial Independence

With the ability to work full time and earn in Dollars, graduates can become financially independent and support themselves during their time in the country.


Improved Career Prospects

International work experience and having New Zealand work experience on a resume can be a valuable asset, making graduates more appealing to employers in their home country or other parts of the world.


Cultural Integration

Working in the host country allows international graduates to further immerse themselves in the local culture, language, and lifestyle, enhancing their overall experience.

Partners and Children of NZ Post Study Work Visa Holders

Your partner can apply for a Open Work Visa. Your children can study fee-free as domestic students. If you want to apply for a Post Study Work Visa NZ then please get in touch with us and one of our In house Licensed Immigration Advisers will assist you start to end with the visa application process. 

New Zealand offers various work opportunities for both its citizens and international workers. The country’s strong economy and low unemployment rate create a favorable environment for job seekers. New Zealand actively seeks skilled professionals in industries experiencing labor shortages. These industries often include IT, healthcare, engineering, construction, tourism & hospitality, and agriculture & farming. If you have qualifications and experience in these fields, you will find attractive job prospects.



New Zealand’s education sector welcomes qualified teachers and academics. If you have expertise in education, you may find positions in schools, colleges, and universities.



Skilled tradespeople, such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and mechanics, are often in demand.


Seasonal Work

During certain times of the year, New Zealand requires temporary workers for seasonal jobs in agriculture and horticulture, such as fruit picking and harvesting

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