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Bring your loved ones

to New Zealand



New Zealand allows international students on certain student visas to bring their family members with them. If you are planning to study in New Zealand and wish to bring your family along, here are some important points to consider


Family Accompaniment

Studying abroad with your family is a great way to broaden your education and life experiences in another country while staying together. New Zealand acknowledges that importance, and there are many visa options available to help reunite your family during your studies. You can apply for a partnership-based visa, allowing your partner to work and enjoy New Zealand while you study. Your dependent children can also join you, as a student or a visitor depending on their age and school enrolment.


Working Opportunities
for Family Members

The spouse or partner of an international student studying at a recognized institution may be eligible to apply for a Open Work Visa if the student is enrolled in a higher degree program for a full-time course of study. This work visa is known as the “Partner of a Student Work Visa” or “Partner of a New Zealander Work Visa,” depending on the student’s visa type.

Dependent Children's Education

Dependent children of international students who are studying in the country may be eligible to attend primary and secondary education institutions depending on their age. The education system in New Zealand is well regarded, and international students’ dependent children can benefit from quality education during their stay.

Your children can study fee-free as domestic students!